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Welcome, I am so glad you are visiting my site. I imagine you arrived here because of a fundamental dissatisfaction in your life, some deeply unfulfilled or unknown need, hope, or dream. Perhaps you want to heal after a painful experience, find more satisfaction in your relationships or career, or experience more comfort, strength, and happiness within yourself.
I hope you will find in these pages a sense of my straightforward approach, gentle directness, experience and comfort with complexity, and compassionate commitment to your process. I believe in therapy's ability to both heal and evolve us in our experiences of ourselves and our relationships. I believe therapy is as healthful and necessary as a good diet, sleep, and exercise, and applicable to everyone at different stages and times in their lives.
Therapy opens the possibility of new options and opportunities, doorways in places where moments before seemed absent of doors.
I suggest exploring therapy if you are experiencing or have recently experienced any of these:
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship issues
  • relationship break-up
  • low self-esteem or low self-confidence
  • life transitions
  • life-change adjustments
  • dissatisfaction in life
  • general unhappiness
  • career challenges or dissatisfactions
  • family issues
  • trauma or abuse
  • feminist issues
  • spiritual questioning
  • blocked feelings
  • loss and grief
  • divorce or separation
  • loss of purpose
  • not feeling seen and understood
  • not able to set and achieve goals
Please contact me to set up an initial session to explore how we might work together to increase your satisfaction in life.


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