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" is the law of love that rules mankind. It gives me ineffable joy to go on trying to prove that." - M. Gandhi


mother: "To my great surprise, my boy, you were free.

son:       I was scared by one thing after another. I still am.

mother: Naturally, how could it be otherwise. You can either be fearless, or you can be free, you can't be both." - J. Berger


about me and my approach


With a mixture of acceptance, appreciation, respect, and sometimes awe, I believe we all reach toward wholeness and well-being in our own individual way.


I bring a diverse background and passionate commitment to my work. I have degrees in psychology and engineering and a master's degree in clinical counseling. Previously, I served in various domains including neuro- and vascular research, engineering, engineering management and leadership, and as a certified professional life and career coach. I believe this variety allows me to offer you more richness and understanding than I might otherwise have been able to do. In recognition of the complexity of the therapy endeavor, I remain active in my own training and development via personal work, consultation, and through relevant courses and certifications in areas of clinical practice and social justice.

My approach to therapy honors and incorporates a wide range of interconnecting philosophies of human nature, including psychodynamic, object relations, attachment, Buddhist existentialism and mindfulness. Simply stated, I believe we all want relief from suffering. We want less fear and pain, more of a sense of equanimity, fulfillment, belonging, and joy. We want to feel seen and heard, to be respected and loved. We want to discover our creative meaning for being alive. Of course, sometimes finding our way is confusing and frustrating and leaves us feeling helpless and hopeless.


Therapy is the ideal environment for you and I to help you safely and gently open your awareness and learn to see yourself as you are, to discover and explore your deeper self. I'll be honest, it is not always easy or pleasant, and it does take time, but when approached with genuine care and curiosity, therapy can and usually does open doors to a greater sense of aliveness and fulfillment.

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